In our passion for interior design, auxiliary furniture becomes the jewels that complete the crown of your home. Each piece we choose is meticulously selected to blend functionality and style, providing not only storage, but also a unique aesthetic touch. From side tables that add charm to every corner to shelves that showcase your personality, each choice is infused with our dedication to quality and versatility.

Point sideboards

Living room sideboards are fundamental pieces in interior design, fusing practicality and style to optimize space. Its versatility makes it possible to organize with elegant everyday objects, bringing functionality and aesthetic refinement to any room. These pieces of furniture are essential elements to create visual harmony. and enhance the home experience, being essential in contemporary interior design.

Point living room furniture

Television furniture is the perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics in interior design. These versatile elements not only provide support for electronic devices, but also add a touch of elegance and order to any space. With their ability to blend in harmoniously, these furniture pieces become key to creating cozy and modern environments, enhancing both the organization and visual appeal of any room.

Point foyers

Foyers are the calling card of your home, fusing functionality and style to welcome you with elegance. These spaces not only provide a first impression, but are also transitional areas where organization meets design. With their ability to reflect the personality of the home, foyers become focal points that enhance the visual harmony and hospitality of the space and are fundamental to contemporary interior design.

Point shelves

Shelving is the perfect canvas for showcasing your personality in interior design. More than just storage places, these versatile pieces combine functionality and style, allowing you to showcase your beloved items and create unique compositions. With their ability to add order and visual appeal to any space, shelves become essential elements to organize with elegance and give life to your environments, being pillars in contemporary interior design.

Point bedside tables

Bedside tables are small treasures of interior design, combining functionality and charm in any bedroom. These versatile pieces not only provide a place for your personal items and a reading lamp, but also add a touch of style and personality to the space. . With their ability to complement aesthetics and comfort, nightstands become essential elements in creating cozy and functional environments in any home.

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