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and kitchenware

The art of cooking is enhanced with our selected tableware and kitchenware. Discover unique pieces that fuse style and utility, elevating every meal to an extraordinary experience. Find quality, design and functionality in our catalog to transform your kitchen into an inspirational space.

Point dishes

Dishes that delight the eye and delight the palate. Discover our collection, where quality and design merge to enhance every meal. Explore options that add elegance to your table and flavor to your dishes. Get to know our variety and make every meal an unforgettable experience!

Point glasses

Immerse yourself in sophistication with our glasses. Each sip becomes a delight for the senses, fusing exclusive design with exceptional quality. Elevate your moments with a touch of distinction and enjoy a unique experience with every drink. Discover excellence in every detail with our exclusive collection of high-end glasses.

Point cups and mugs

Mugs created with exceptional quality and charming design, every moment becomes a comforting experience. Immerse yourself in elegance and find the perfect cup to delight your senses. Discover the collection that will transform your breaks into unforgettable moments.

Point glassware

Created with the finest craftsmanship, each of our pieces reflects the elegance and refinement you are looking for in your special moments. From intimate dinners to memorable celebrations, the brilliance and transparency of our glasses enhance the beauty of each beverage, elevating the sensory experience to a unique level. Immerse yourself in the distinction of each sip and make every occasion a feast for the senses. Find in our crystal glasses the ultimate expression of sophistication and make a difference in every encounter.

Point jars

Elevate your serving experience with our sophisticatedly designed pitchers. With a perfect fusion between elegance and practicality, our mugs are the distinctive touch you need for your special moments. Enjoy excellence in every service and add a touch of class to your favorite drinks with our exclusive carafes.

Point platters and trays

Discover elegance in every dish with our refined design platters and trays. Manufactured with top quality materials, these pieces stand out for their style and functionality, enhancing the presentation of your culinary creations. Add a distinctive touch to your table with our exclusive collection of platters and trays.

Point bowls and salad bowls

Revitalize your salads with our exceptionally designed salad bowls. Combine freshness and style with our pieces that enhance the presentation of your dishes. Find the perfect harmony between functionality and elegance in our exclusive selection of salad bowls.

Point cutlery

Discover elegance in every meal with our refined cutlery. With exquisite design and unparalleled quality, enhance your culinary moments with pieces that fuse functionality and style. Add distinction to your table with our exclusive flatware collection.

Point fruit bowls

Elevate the presentation of your fruit with our elegantly designed fruit bowls. Functional and decorative, these fruit bowls enhance the beauty of your fruit, making them a distinctive element in your home. Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and style with our exclusive collection of fruit bowls.

Point vases

Decorate your corners with the grace of our vases. Created to enhance the freshness and beauty of your flowers, these designs fuse elegance with functionality. Discover the magic in every flower with our exclusive collection of vases.

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