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October 5th was a special day, as we celebrated the opening of Decoluxe Design Center in Marbella. We are grateful for the visit of architects, designers and representatives of the collaborating brands. We were happy to see how the inauguration brought together people who are passionate about design and decoration.

The inauguration began in the late afternoon, where music merged with design. From the beginning, the atmosphere was impregnated with jazz notes while a trumpet player enveloped us with his melody and we enjoyed the catering.

After delighting us with these notes, it was time for the presentation. The team, a passionate and dedicated group, stood up to reveal their roles and functions. It was an opportunity to meet those who made this unique experience possible. With the intervention of Ismael Caminero Hervás, one of the directors and Mercedes Arce, interior designer of the showroom.

At that moment, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks. Thanks to all the attendees, for being part of this magical night, and to those responsible for the firms that collaborated in this showroom.

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