We enter a magical and enigmatic space based on energy, love and the universe: ECLIPSE BY ESCENIUM.

Legend has it…
When the sun and the moon met for the first time, they fell madly in love. The universe was being created and the universe decided to separate them, so that the days would be illuminated by
The stars, madly in love, went into a deep sadness. The sun was trying to conceal with its strength so that the moon would notice him somehow, but his effort was in vain. Therefore, he decided to give her the stars as a gift so that the moon would remember him and she would not feel lonely, but the moon did not respond to such charms…for she only wished to meet again and merge into one.
Such was the desire of the moon and the sun, that the universe understood that it had to do something so that somehow the two could continue to illuminate the earth with strength… so from time to time it allows them to see each other and embrace. Such is the strength and love of this embrace, that not even the human eye is able to look at it head on …and this act of true love is known as ECLIPSE.
It is a privilege to look at the universe and realize the grandeur, majesty and beauty of the elements that surround us… making us very small and at the same time feeling very fortunate to be able to experience every spectacle that nature offers us. Eclipse is undoubtedly one of them.

Homage to Dora María Torres Candelero, author of the story that Tamara Delgado reads to her little Sofía every night and that has served as inspiration for the design of this space.

Marbella Design & Art 2022

The interior design fair Marbella Design & Art 2022” is a double event that combines contemporary art and design and interior design, held for eleven days at the Palacio de Ferias, Exposiciones y Congresos Adolfo Suárez in Marbella .

This space “

public’s choice for the best exhibition space in Marbella Design & Art 2022. Marbella Design & Art 2022 and is currently on display in our showroom “Decoluxe Design Center” in Polígono Industrial Nueva Campana, 57, Marbella (Málaga).

Escenium design for Marbella Design & Art 2022 a natural stone kitchen inspired by the eclipse of the sun

Project description

Eclipse is a magical and enigmatic space based on energy, love and the universe. The island held in a single point is the fusion between the moon -black porcelain- and the sun, -Crystallo Imperiale quartzite by Granith-. The island has inside it sheets of light that illuminate the entire piece homogeneously, highlighting its veins and enhancing the beauty of the natural stone. For the manufacture of the same Escenum has counted on I-domus.

A huge illuminated stone arch and black lacquer furniture make up the total eclipse that, along with some handcrafted brass pieces, simulate some rays of sunlight escaping from this natural event. Inside, by removing the hidden black retractable double doors, there is gold lacquer furniture symbolizing the power of the sun, concealing appliances, storage areas and a hidden electric elevator. In addition, an infinity mirror with LED lighting creates the sensation of the depth of the universe.

The floor has been coated with Compac’s Ice Black model, which simulates the nebula of the universe and gives a sense of depth.

A-Emotional Light’s pendant lamps that simulate stars.

“All the elements are designed to create an enigmatic and powerful space that pays homage to the universe,” Escenium explains.

Escenium has been participating in Marbella Design Art for three editions and they state that “we are delighted with the event and its organization. It is a very careful event that fuses art and design, surrounded by great professionals from the world of art, interior design, decoration and technology, and in a unique place like Marbella, known as the “Jewel of the Costa del Sol”.

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