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Phoenix House


Adam Long, creative director, and Cecilie Bresson, make-up artist, are a young couple who have decided to reside in this house in Phoenix, in one of the neighborhoods that serve as a link between the wild side and the city.

“From this position – explains Cecilie – We breathe Arizona’s pioneering spirit and at the same time its modernity. In furnishing the house we have made warm colors and natural materials the protagonists to make the spaces harmonious and cozy. The LAGO design creates a connection between Phoenix’s creativity and the space we live in. The house for us is an intimate place, but also a place of sharing. It is knowing how to listen and welcome new perspectives.

The clean shapes of LAGO furniture and its unique design draw an emotional path that stimulates the passage from the fundamental moments of conviviality to the time of study and intimacy. An elegant invitation to explore and be surprised, in a daily rediscovery of new ways of living domestic spaces.

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